Plaid is a licensed software solution that allows companies to quickly implement OpenADR and translate it into their existing APIs. Companies that implement Plaid get a certified OpenADR 2.0b Virtual End Node (VEN) as though they built it from scratch.

Demo hosted version, for free, with no software download or dependencies required.

Any internet connected product that uses energy can participate in load shifting

Thermostat / HVAC manufacturers

Water Heating

Lighting Controls

Solar, Storage & Inverters

EV Charging

Building Management Systems

Industrial Controls

Demand Response Aggregator

OpenADR certification adds value to your products

Fulfill regulatory requirement

It may be required where you operate.

California code Title 24 requires certain appliances in new buildings to be OpenADR compliant. In turn, product manufacturers will need to be OpenADR compliant to continue serving customers in California. Learn more in this blog post.

Increase product sales

Add valuable features and unlock new sales channels.

Utilities incentivize the purchase of devices that can participate in their demand response rates, unlocking more sales. Savvy customers know that they can earn money by participating in demand response and seek products that help them do so.

Add new revenue streams

A source of high margin, repeatable revenue streams.

Product manufacturers that can offer load shifting capacity to aggregators and load serving entities get paid for that service. Some product manufacturers expect to make more money from providing these services than from selling the devices. GridFabric can help you tap into these programs across the country.

Plaid is the fastest way for product companies to get OpenADR certified

Implement OpenADR, the leading load shifting protocol, and get certified in days, not months.
  • No risk, guaranteed OpenADR compliance for your product
  • Flexible implementation on device or in the cloud
  • Save your software development team months of work

Try it out for free

The Plaid web demo lets you get a feel for using the OpenADR protocol and how Plaid implements it without any requirement to host or run software yourself. You also have access to a VTN where you can create events that will propagate through Plaid.

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