Middleware for the energy transition

GridFabric creates OpenADR software solutions that help Power Utilities and IoT products to shed, shift, shimmy and shape peak load

Our solutions

OpenADR Server (VTN)

For Grid Operators and Aggregators


OpenADR Client (VEN)

For Controls and IoT Product Companies

Why load shifting?

Supporting the shift to renewable energy

For most of their history, utilities accepted power demand as a given, and would dispatch power generation to match it, ensuring affordable and reliable power. This approach is no longer sufficient because it relies on fossil fuels.

Renewables solve one problem but create another

Fortunately, wind and solar are becoming cheap and are forcing out fossil fuels. But, the wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine, so we must find ways to shift power consumption to align with generation.

Smart devices help by shifting energy use

Batteries, water heaters, thermostats, solar inverters, building controls sytems, electric vehicles, pool pumps, and many more power consuming products are shifting when energy is consumed.

They reduce consumption when the strain on the grid is high, and increase consumption when there is excess power supply. This increases the efficiency of the power grid, and means product owners, product manufactures, and grid operators all come out ahead.

GridFabric helps companies help the grid

There are hundreds of companies working to unlock the benefits of load shifting - device makers, utilities and aggregators. These companies rely on our software solutions to implement OpenADR efficiently and risk-free. OpenADR is the leading load shifting protocol that streamlines communication between grid operators and device companies.

Canvas is an OpenADR VTN server that utilities and load aggregators use to send demand response signals, and Plaid is an OpenADR VEN client that helps power consuming products parse and respond to them. We also work with other protocols such as CTA 2045 and IEEE 2030.5.

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