SCE Capacity Bidding

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Program NameSCE Capacity Bidding
Utility AdministratorSCE
OpenADR RequirementNone for manual control, automation requires 2.0a or 2.0b certification
DescriptionThe capacity bidding program allows SCE's commercial customers to bid a certain amount of flexible capacity that will called upon to shift load between 1pm and 7pm on weekdays, up to 30 hours per month. Companies get paid based on the amount of capacity offered, but must pay a penalty if they underperform their bid. It is an aggregator-based program, meaning aggregators will sign up customers, combine their load and provide it to SCE as a unified entity. A commercial building may be their own aggregator, but practically will mostly choose to work with a certified aggregator.



Device Types(s)

HVAC / Thermostat

Industrial Controls

Building Management System


Lighting Controls


Incentive TypesLoad shifting incentive
Description of Incentives

$75.91 / KW-Year in 2019 for day-of, $66.03 for day ahead.

Rates are paid monthly and vary significantly throughout the year, i.e. January was $1.90/kW-month and August was $22.46/kW-month.