Canvas is an OpenADR 2.0b Virtual Top Node built for testing VENs, piloting and running load shifting programs.

Canvas Cloud is a SaaS solution for testing and pilots. Canvas Server is a licensed software, self-hosted VTN.

How it works

  • Canvas registers, monitors and controls devices with OpenADR Virtual End Nodes
  • Canvas can be controlled through a browser based UI or programmatically through a custom API
  • Canvas can run standalone or integrated with in an existing DERMS / DRMS system to handle all OpenADR communications

Canvas Cloud

Canvas Cloud is the simplest solution for testing VENs and running small OpenADR pilots. We offer a 14 day trial for Canvas Cloud with no purchase required.

Completely implements OpenADR 2.0b, can be used to test 2.0b and 2.0a VENs

Full functionality for simple or complex VEN testing and pilot programs

No IT overhead: runs entirely in the browser

Canvas Server

Canvas Server is a licensed software solution that customers host themselves

Full, compliant implementation of OpenADR 2.0b

Integrates with existing systems and managed through APIs

High performance and scalable to thousands of VENs

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