Canvas VTN v3 Release

Version 3 of Canvas makes it easier to install and use, both as a standalone OpenADR VTN or embedded into a broader DERMS platform


Proxy and Aggregator Cloud VENs

What we mean by "proxy" and "aggregator" implementation model for cloud-based VENs, and when and why to use either

OpenADRLoad Shifting Programs

Cloud VENs and interoperability

Interoperability is the key to reducing integration costs. This post describes some key issues and opportunities particular to Cloud VENs.

PlaidLoad Shifting ProgramsOpenADR

Cloud VENs - a new OpenADR architecture for IoT devices

What we mean by "Cloud VEN", and why this is now the dominant OpenADR implementation model

OpenADRPlaidLoad Shifting ProgramsRegulatory

Plaid Web Demo lets you trial OpenADR for free

The Plaid web demo lets users quickly get a feel for using the OpenADR protocol and how Plaid implements it.


EVs and OpenADR in 2021

OpenADR for Electric Vehicle charging is currently in the market seeding phase, preparing for large scale load shifting programs in the near future

OpenADRElectric Vehicles

Who's who in load shifting

The demand response industry is dynamic and growing. This post provides a framework to understand all the key roles, with examples.

Load Shifting ProgramsUtility Industry

Shift is better than Shed - a call for demand response automation

What is load shift vs load shed, why it matters, and why it requires automation.

Load Shifting ProgramsRegulatory

Build vs Buy

An excellent blog post from an experienced engineering manager describes how to think about build vs buy - here is how we address his points.


OpenADR and Coincident Peak Pricing are a Good Match

How OpenADR should be used alongside peak forecasting to help customers automate their load shifting in coincident peak pricing programs.

OpenADRLoad Shifting ProgramsUtility Industry

Why we need demand flexibility to enable renewable energy growth

Renewable energy is self defeating - as more is added, the marginal value goes down. Demand Flexibility is one of the key solutions.

Load Shifting ProgramsUtility Industry

Demand Response: 101

A deep dive into what demand response is, why it's important, and how much it is worth.

Utility Industry

Who's Who on the Power Grid

When working with the power industry, you’ll come across utilities, IPPs, Co-ops, regulators, retailers, and more: this post puts them in their place.

Utility Industry

The Power Grid: 101

This is a good starting point to understand the basic structure of the power grid and how it all works.

Utility Industry

OpenADR Overview

A basic overview OpenADR: how it works and what it is used for

OpenADRUtility Industry

Implementing OpenADR with Plaid

How Plaid simplifies OpenADR implementation


Announcing GridFabric

GridFabric builds on years of experience to bring load shifting middleware to the mass market


California Title 24 Embraces Cloud Based Vens

Update to California's title 24 requires OpenADR for a host of product types and supports cloud-based VENs


Announcing Canvas, a production ready OpenADR VTN

Canvas fills the gap by providing a scalable and flexible OpenADR VTN

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