SDG&E Critical Peak Pricing

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Program NameSDG&E Critical Peak Pricing
Utility AdministratorSDG&E
OpenADR RequirementNone for manual control, automation requires 2.0a or 2.0b certification
DescriptionThe peak day pricing program is available for businesses to enroll in, if they have a peak demand of greater than 20kW. In exchange for lower rates the rest of the year, businesses will be exposed to up to 18 peak pricing periods per year, typically during the hottest days of the year between 2-6pm. They should minimize their load during those periods to save money. They can do this by receiving an email, text or phone call and adjusting use manually, or automate using an OpenADR VEN. Participants may also choose to protect a certain amount of capacity from the high rates by pre-paying using a "Capacity Reservation".




Device Types(s)

HVAC / Thermostat

Lighting Controls

Building Management System

Industrial Controls


Incentive TypesLoad shifting incentive
Description of Incentives

Prices during peak power times are approximately $2-4 / kWh (depending on which rate they choose), while off-peak is more like $0.1-0.2 / kWh. Customers save year-round by paying a lower rate, but must reduce consumption during critical peak periods to lower their yearly bills.