SDG&E Capacity Bidding Program

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Program NameSDG&E Capacity Bidding Program
Utility AdministratorSDG&E
OpenADR RequirementNone for manual control, automation requires 2.0a or 2.0b certification
DescriptionThe capacity bidding program is open to Residential, Commercial & Industrial participants in SDG&E's territory. Participants bid in a certain amount of capacity they are willing to curtail, and are paid for that capacity. It runs from May through October and events are 2-4 hours, either between 11-7pm or 1-9pm (the latter gets paid more). Participants may sign up for day-of or day-ahead event notification (the latter gets paid less). Most typically, participants will go through an aggregator, which is an entity that is appointed by end customers to act on their behalf. Aggregators sign up their customers into the program and work with them to develop load shifting strategies, and take a fee for their service. Most people reading this list will operate as an aggregator.



Device Types(s)


HVAC / Thermostat

Water Heater

Lighting Controls

Building Management System

Home Energy Management

Industrial Controls

EV Charging

Incentive TypesLoad shifting incentive
Description of Incentives

$59.01 to $87.99 / kW - year in 2019, depending on which program. Varies monthly between May and October: July - Sept are peak months.