Program NamePowerDirect
Utility AdministratorSMUD
OpenADR RequirementNot specified - 1.0 might be possible
DescriptionCommercial & Industrial sites that can have at least 300 kW of demand may participate. Events last between 1-4 hours between 2-6pm on Weekdays, expect 8-12 events over the summer. The program specifies a VEN on site, but seems open to other setups by contacting the program lead. Participants get both an up-front savings from installing equipment and ongoing savings from load shifting.



Device Types(s)


Industrial Controls

Building Management System

HVAC / Thermostat

Water Heater

Lighting Controls

Incentive TypesLoad shifting incentive, Device rebate
Description of Incentives

$5 / kW / month plus 12 cents / kWh

Description of Device Rebates

$125 / kW